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Jonathan fell from the climbing rope in Primary School PE, and landed directly astride the balance beam. This had exploded one of his balls like a water balloon.
Attempts by him to disprove the rumour by stretching his scrotum for all to see, showing a clear 2-ball outline, led to accusations that he was pressing out one of the bumps with his finger.
But, eventually, we had to accept that he did have a second ball. A plastic second ball.
Whatever, it didn't affect his virility as he managed to get Angela Smithers up the duff before his fifteenth birthday.
approved Apr 15 2006, submitted Apr 24 2004 by anonymous user
Chris Long was rumoured to have a monoball; apparently he'd sliced his scrotum open on the brake wire of his bike.
Perhaps because of this, he was a very, very angry young man with special needs. If the special class wanted to leave early, they'd chant "remember you're a one-ball, remember you're a one-ball" at him until he started throwing things, and the lesson would be abandoned.
approved Apr 15 2006, submitted Aug 30 2005 by Rev Studly Mayhem
Legend has it that Sean Gorman was run over by a milk float and tragically lost a testicle. I've always found this confusing as the rest of Sean's body remained intact. Was he sitting on the kerb with one bollock resting on the road? Sean was always very coy about the subject...and suspiciously unsympathetic to others who suffered groinal mishaps, like his best friend Michael.

One day Michael hopped a fence to retrieve a stray football which had been kicked into a field beside the school pitches. Unfortunately for Michael said fence was of the barbed wire variety and Michael's scrotum became entangled mid-hop. Did Sean have vivid flashbacks to his milk float ordeal and run for help ensuring his best buddy didn't suffer the same fate as him? Did he fuck. He made like the rest of us and started throwing stones at Michael while singing "Always look on the Bright Side of Life".
approved Dec 1 2005, submitted Nov 30 2005 by Dr. Dave
Jonathan Evenet has a plastic testicle. As a result he always smells of wee a bit.
approved Dec 4 2005, submitted Dec 2 2005 by Name Withheld
Matthew Jones was also lop-sided, a secret revealed to us by his little brother, Gareth.
Apparently they had been "wrestling" on Gareth's bed, Matt had gone for the piledriver, and in some unholy contortion, his balls twisted in their sack; one suffocated the oxygen to the other, which lead to its eventual amputation.
Matt's brother told this to anyone who would listen, naturally delighted in the knowledge his bullying elder brother would be mocked by all his peers. Of course he was correct, but he had failed to anticipate the beats that would be dealt to him by effectively admitting that he had been bummed by his own brother.
In fact, Gareth had insisted upon so much bumming that Matt's balls exploded. And because he couldn't satisfy Gareth's desire to be bummed anymore with his shredded testes, their dad had to take over bumming Gareth. Oh, he was a GREEDY little bummer.
Matt actually got off considerably lightly given that:
a) He'd had a ball off, and;
b) He'd bummed his own brother. Not now though. Not ever again.
Oxygen? to the testes? Are you sure you're not getting confused with lungs? - Mansh
approved Dec 3 2005, submitted Dec 2 2005 by Chigwell Heat
I'm 'monoballed' and am pretty certain that I've shagged far more attractive women than you. Shame.

approved Jun 23 2007, submitted Apr 10 2006 by anonymous user
The myth behind Ryan Byrne's testicular imbalance was that he had been involved in a car crash, and rather than bursting, or tearing, the bollock in question had “went up inside him”.

Needless to say, he went by various names. There was the inevitable “Womble” - which sounds like “one-ball”, you see. Yes, you saw. Then there was the less inventive, but much more informative “Ryan, that kid whose ball went up inside him”.
approved May 8 2013, submitted May 6 2013 by I Williams
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