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Over all the streets and houses
Rain-bones flying high.
Shoot the little Cheese-man's children,
Kill them till they die.
Over all the streets and houses,
Rain-bones turned to green.
3-4 Methelyn-dioxy-
Shall we go and Napalm Browntown,
With a chickens head?
Why has mr Tidmann got a small boy,
With him in his bed?
Mr Tidmann was an RE teacher, who had once said 'everyone goes through a homosexual phase. I know I have.'
approved Dec 10 2002, submitted Nov 24 2002 by Anon
Ever so slightly less sophisticated adaptation of the Rainbow theme song:
Up above the streets and houses
Geoffrey flying high.
Opens up his hairy legs
And shits in Bungle's eye.
Also see:
Up above the streets and houses
Geoffrey flying high.
Bungle gets his big cock out
And pokes him in the eye.
Note: This is NOT a cue for an endless torrent of Rainbow theme versions - unless you know a really good one about Rod, Jane and Freddy rainbow kissing. - Ponky
approved Apr 16 2005, submitted Jan 10 2005 by Sherm Shot La Rock
You'd have thought that poking Geoffrey in the eye with his cock would be sweet ursine revenge enough for Bungle, but no...
Bungle stuck his bum out the window
Shat in Geoffrey's eye
Geoffrey said "You bastard Bungle,
You are gonna die"
Paint...Geoffrey's...face...with...a...Big poo!".
Doof doof dodo dododoof!
Geoffrey can give it out, but he doesn't like it back! You get plus marks for the Eastenders style drums at the end, but did you not hear what Ponky said? I don't see ANY mention of Rod Jane & Freddy doing it Frenchie style here. - Mansh
approved Apr 27 2005, submitted Apr 27 2005 by anonymous user
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