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Where a Trevor buys his best clothes, as in

Let's all go to Tesco's,
Where Trevor buys his best clothes,
They are so nif-ty,
for one pound fif-ty.
approved Nov 24 2002, submitted Nov 24 2002 by Lo-Fi Dan, Dan Wakely
End with a flourish...

but *insert name of poverty-stricken pupil* cannot grumble,
he gets his from the jumble la la la la, la la la la.

(n.b 'la' should be intoned with as big a tongue as possible, think Fat Sam singing at the very end of Bugsy Malone)
approved Nov 4 2003, submitted Oct 6 2003 by Name Withheld
For a further verse:

Down at Happy Shopper,
they're on special offer,
but beware,
Trevor is there
approved Jan 23 2012, submitted Jan 21 2012 by Winter Mute
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