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5318008 : Boobies
55378008 : Boobless
7100553 : Esso Oil
71077345 : Shell Oil
37183045 : Shoe Bile
45084518 : Bish Bosh
approved Dec 10 2002, submitted Nov 24 2002 by Willis , Jon Blyth
Once upon a time, '7' men paid '1' pound for a hole in the ground ('0'). No-one could see the point ('.') of this, but the '7' men became millionaires within '7' nights. How? Well, '3' of the men built a drilling machine above the hole, whilst the other '4' made it work. By '5' o'clock, the men had discovered something. Do you know what it is yet?
Turn the calculator upside down to amaze the whole class.
Alternatively, just type '0.7734', turn your digital calculator upside down and continuously tap the classmate in front of you until he/she is forced to turn around and read the amusing message.
approved Mar 17 2003, submitted Feb 21 2003 by Dinner Dance
53450106: Goloshes

Essentially not as fun as the others, but I invented it myself.

(*cough*lamer*cough* Aw that's BRILLIANT Alistair! Susan. x)
approved May 20 2003, submitted Mar 9 2003 by Alistair Gray
60436034 - Hedgehog.

Shown to me in a fit of glee by a girl who had given herself the nickname 'Hedgehog'. That was the kind of thing that qualified as exciting at my school.
approved Jul 26 2003, submitted Jul 23 2003 by Kay Evans
55045508 : Boss Hogg, of Dukes of Hazzard fame. I definitely invented this one.
approved Nov 24 2003, submitted Oct 31 2003 by damien ricicle
The world famous Boobless can be adapted into a personal attack on Deborah's chest, if you have a second calculator.
55318008 5318830
approved Nov 24 2003, submitted Nov 4 2003 by jeriko jones
Five thousand men (type 5000) and one girl (add 1) they all shagged her 7 times (multiply by 7) after which she was rather - turn upside down
approved Nov 24 2003, submitted Nov 20 2003 by Jonny P
There was one woman on an island (press 1).
There were 5000 men (+5000).
She shagged each of them seven times (x7).

Turn the calculator upside down to find out what she is. (Hint: the slack-fannied slag.)
approved Jul 14 2005, submitted Jul 12 2005 by Pogglesnatch
The full story behind how a sixty-nine titted lady became boobless? Allow me:

There once was a woman with 69 boobs
(press 69)
which was too, too, too many.
(press 222)
So she went to 51st Street
(press 51)
to see the mysterious Doctor X.
(press the times symbol)
Eight surgeries later
(press 8)
she was completely
(turn the calculator upside down)
approved Jan 3 2012, submitted Jan 1 2012 by anonymous user
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