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The natural conclusion of an unnattended blackboard filth escalation. The number of people laughing at the phrase will reduce steadily as the class matures, until it is written on a university blackboard, when only I laughed.
approved Nov 24 2002, submitted Nov 24 2002 by Matt Fasham
Blackboard filth contests were taken to a whole new height of rudeness by the immortal line "suck the virgin mary's smelly cunt 666", discovered one morning by our registration class.
Unfortunately, some girls removed it before it was seen by any teacher, so this story doesn't have the "and-then-miss's-eyes-popped-out-in-shock-she-started-crying-then-had-a-nervous-breakdown" ending that I would have liked. Stupid girls.
approved Oct 4 2004, submitted Dec 27 2003 by nicotineman the 3rd
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