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The name of a game invented in an attempt to hint at our wonderfully run down comp that we would not tolerate cheap fixtures and fittings. We discovered that the inside of a biro, coupled with the classic 'rubber band catapult' operated twixt finger and thumb could result in much fun. Fired at precisely the moment the teachers back was turned the aforementioned biro bits would stick in the polysterene roof tiles, much to our glee. Given that teachers are so wont to turn round, by the time the class was over the pre-selected roof tile would look like it had in fact been attacked by a tribe of minature Zulu's (albeit Zulus who attack miniature Michael Caines with the inside of a pen). Although immensely popular this game faded out as quick as it had arrived, replaced by the infinitely more dangerous, and therefore, more fun 'Zulu Fat Kid's Arm'.
approved Nov 24 2002, submitted Nov 24 2002 by Boglin
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