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We're a celebration of puerility, cruelty and things that kids do that shouldn't be funny. In response to the three emails we received every damn year since 2007, we've re-done the site. We're open for submissions and sucking up that years-old backlog, so, jump into a random letter or add your own story.
Dr Looknice Is In His Office
Well, that looks a bit better after a wee redesign, doesn't it? Much nicer. A person could get used to this kind of luxury. It's like someone shoved a foot-spa up to your face and you're drinking it all up. Litres of foot-water filling your neck. And you can't spit it out because it's a new carpet and your mum'll go spare
posted by Log on Feb 8 2013
It's quite honestly ALL GO. And to prove it, we've got a Twitter account. LawofthePlayground is too long, so in a loving auto-homage to our old URL, we're at


Follow us. We'll only post the good stuff. Hang on a minute, it's all good stuff. You cheeky cow.
posted by Log on Oct 21 2011
There's RSS if you want it
I've had a couple of people asking if I'm going to make a mobile-friendly version of the site. The answer is "oh God, leave me alone, I'm already operating on the periphery of my understanding here".

On the other hand: if you like RSS feeds, I've just figured how to do THAT out - there's a last-25-approved-entries feed, and you can find it here

This also explains why a few old stories have been popping up at the top. Because I was fannying about. I am well professional.
posted by Log on Oct 16 2011
Hey, you - the so-called "next generation"
Look at you. You're not as good as we were. When I was a child, "bear" meant "fat gay bloke". You lot? You change the spelling, and you use it to mean "very". What's wrong with you? You're supposed to make more words mean gay, not fewer.

Come on, you pricks. Prove you're not shit. Tell us your stories of puerile genius, imaginative cruelty and bizarre playground anecdotes.

Of course, a new generation demands new technologies. So we've got... erm, images and social buttons now. Careful not to spunk all over yourself, eh?
posted by Log on Oct 9 2011